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Pet Cremation

We offer Pet Cremation Services to Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay, Hampton, Sussex, and surrounding areas. Our pets are our best friends and valued members of our families. They are our companions who always delight in just being in our presence. Saying farewell to our animal companions with a dignified after-life pet cremation service and providing them with a permanent resting place is not only necessary but very deserving for our cherished pets who have given us their lifetime of unconditional love and loyalty.

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Veterinarian Cremation


Pet Urns Pet Pendants

Pet Urns and Pendants

Our Service Animals have served their country, their communities, their handlers and companions with great attention and devotion. They deserve to be recognized for their contributions, not only in life but in their after-life as well.

Our Service Animals have provided vision for those who cannot see, hearing for those who cannot hear, assistance to those who have developmental or physical limitations, protection from those who attempt to do us harm, rescuing those who are lost and provide criminal detection services when the need arises.

We provide our animal companions the honour and respect they deserve. Our services include professional, personalized and dignified after life pet cremation care.

What can we do for our pet?

When a beloved pet passes away it raises the question of "What can we do for our pet now?" Long after their lives have ended, we remember and cherish the years of companionship and devotion given to us as their pet parents. We cover all aspects of our pet's brief stay on this earth, but even as they reach their final years, we refuse to face the fact that someday, our pet will no longer be with us. This painful and grief-filled experience is something we don't want to look forward to. Unfortunately though, it is inevitable. Knowing what our options are when a pet dies helps ease the confusion and pain.

We have unique solutions to the problem of appropriate disposition and memorialization for your loved one. We offer tasteful, dignified and professional services to pet owners who have suffered the loss of a beloved pet.

Cherished Pet Memorial Services is known for its caring and compassionate staff. We understand what it means to lose a pet and therefore can provide the emotional support necessary to assist the pet owner(s) in their time of grief.

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