Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers should provide some direction and comfort to those who suffer the loss of a pet.

Dog Cremation New BrunswickHow do I know it’s my pet’s ashes I receive back?
This is the most important and frequently asked question. We are extremely proud of our reputation within the pet industry and we are used and recommended by the majority of veterinary hospitals and clients in Southern New Brunswick and downeast Maine. Once deceased pets are in our care, each pet destined for a private cremation is tagged with the pet’s name, breed and family name. The tag stays with the pet from pickup to delivery of the cremated remains.

Cherished Pet Memorial Services has its own crematoria. Therefore, complete control of the entire pet cremation process is in our hands at all times.

Can I give personal effects to be taken with my pet?
Yes, of course you can. Small items such as photos, favourite toys, collars, etc. can be placed in the crematoria with your pet.

What if I don’t want my pet’s ashes back?
If you don’t wish to have your pet’s ashes back, Cherished Pet Memorial Services has other options for you. Your pet’s ashes will be respectfully buried on site.

Rabbit CremationWhat will I be charged?
We have arranged a system with most Veterinarian Hospitals whereby you only need to request our services and they will bill you directly. You must, however, let your Veterinarian know whether you want a private cremation or a communal cremation. Remember though that your bill may reflect examination and euthanization charges as well as cremation costs. Most Veterinarian Hospital charges will vary as costs are determined by size and/or weight of the pet in question. We advise you to check with your Veterinarian before hand so that you will be knowledgeable of the costs involved in providing for your pet’s after-life care.

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