Veterinarian Cremation Cherished Pet Memorial Services provides approximately 25 Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics with professional, dignified value-added services throughout New Brunswick, Canada and Eastern Maine, United States. We specialize in communal and private cremations. We provide Veterinarians and their staff with personalized services to assist you in meeting the needs of your Clients. We uphold the highest standards of ethical business practices and do so mindful of the respect and dignity deserving of you, your staff and the clients you serve.

What Is It We Can Do For You?
● Prompt, professional and discreet removal and transportation of the deceased pet(s) from your facility to ours.
● Pickups of deceased pets scheduled at times convenient to you and your staff.
● Flexibility with respect to costs. For example, if you are providing a free service to a client for whatever reason you deem as necessary or as a good cause (within reason, of course) then we will not charge you for the service you require.

Our Guarantee

Cherished Pet Memorial Services Ltd. is committed to meeting your needs as well as those of your clients. We will do so knowing that our services will assist you in providing that one, final act of love for the cherished pet that you have helped to take care of over the years of his/her life.

For more information please Contact Us at 506.763.2252