Cherished Pet Memorial Services  provides our animal companions the honour and respect they deserve in offering professional, personalized & dignified cremation and after-life pet care.  Following are details of the services we offer.

We will assist you in deciding which cremation service to choose for the following pets.

● Cat, Kitten
● Hamster, Bird, Rat
● Small Dog (up to 25lbs/ 11.78kg)
● Medium Dog (26-50lbs/11.8-22.7kgs)
● Large Dog (51-89lbs/22.8-40.41kgs)
● Extra Large Dog (90-119lbs/40.42-54.5kgs)
● Gentle Giants ( 120lbs/54.5kgs and over)

Pet Cremation Explained

The pet cremation process involves very intense heat, produced by either propane or natural gas. What cremation does is return your pet’s body to its basic elements. The entire process can take from two hours to several, depending on the size of the pet. The larger the pet is the longer it will take to fully cremate. The end results of cremation are called “cremains” (cremated remains). They are usually referred to as ashes. Most people think that the process of pet cremation leaves only ashes but that is not always true. Once the process of cremation has finished, skeletal parts remain. The bones are then reduced to fine sand-like particles or small pebbles via an automated process performed by the crematoria operator. The cremated remains are then placed in a sealed plastic bag. The sealed bag is then placed in an urn.

Cherished Pet Memorial Services offers two types of pet cremation:

Private Pet Cremation
 – only one pet’s body is placed in the crematoria and the cremated remains returned to the family.

Communal Pet Cremation – more than one pet is placed in the crematoria. This is the least expensive method and widely used by pet owners when cremated remains are requested not to be returned.

It should be noted that in no way is a pet’s dignity jeopardized by this method. Whether a “private” pet cremation or a “communal pet cremation” all pets are treated with the greatest respect. All communal cremated remains are buried on site.

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